Friday, July 30, 2010


I've been thinking a lot lately. In less than a month I will (if things go to plan) begin my last year of College. So I have roughly a year to "figure out what I'm going to do" with the rest of my life. It's kind of daunting when you think about it, which is probably why I haven't very much. I've been wanting to enjoy myself and not get stressed out with all that future stuff. But now I have to. It's either that or graduate directionless, which is not a particularly attractive option.

So lately I've been thinking a lot. And you know what? It's really not as bad as I thought it would be. It has been quite beneficial actually. I've found that it's much worse to think about thinking about things than to actually think about them. Effort is always better than non-effort, regardless of how well-meaning it pretends to be. That being said, I am starting to get some direction and feel much better about the future and things are generally better all around. Thumbs up.

This got me thinking about why it took me so long to start thinking and about how much better off I could have been months and years ago if I had just had a little more diligence and foresight. Why did I settle for existence (an albeit, most likely, above average one) when with a little more effort I could have thrived? The simple answer is laziness. It was easier to make decisions that required the least amount of effort to yield the results I could live with, rather than put in the hard work and risk failure. Bad choice.

So now I'm thinking and I would encourage you to do the same. More on this later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Thoughts (More like a pre-blog)

Almost two weeks ago I got back on here and announced the new blog name and some of the things I wanted to do with it now that it's resurrected. Since then I've had several (relatively) good thoughts and have had some cool experiences and have read some good books and have seen some good films. Trouble is though, I haven't taken many notes. Apologies.

I've just started recently using a journal I purchased longer ago than I care to admit, but notes are in it and I plan to be adding to it regularly. I also have a notebook for creative ideas (stories and the like). That hasn't seen new ink in a month or so, but during my week off of work I was inspired again and plan on adding to that soon.

That's about it for now. I wanted to get something out there cause it makes it that much easier to put writing off the longer I do it. I don't want there to be months and months in between my posts, but I also don't want to churn out half-hearted blogs that are only partially-formed ideas. I'll do my best to write down good ideas when they come to me and will get to working on reviews for some of the great stuff I've read and watched over the summer. Not sure if anyone will be reading this, but I think it will be good for me to do the work and the writing.

Be back soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Name, New Beginning.

I've been meaning to do this and get back into the blogosphere lately, but I've been busy and procrastinatory (look it up!). But, for a reason that escapes me, I am unable to fall asleep tonight, and I figured an introductory post would be a good idea before I begin (hopefully) regularly posting again.

I didn't plan it this way (promise), but I am very pleased to have a blog with a name that is simple, descriptive of my intentions, and an alliteration! How great is that?! I changed the name for a few reasons. I liked the old one and I very much intend to do posts dealing with my theological views and biblical discoveries. However, I don't want to limit myself to solely commenting on the grand aspects and truths of life to the disregard of the simple and subtler areas. I also did not want come off in a way that unnecessarily put off people who are not in the same theological boat as myself. Yes, my core beliefs are nonnegotiable, but I don't want that to mean that I only ever have things to say that apply to people who share those beliefs. Another reason is that there is much in our culture and world at large that I find fascinating (the "big" and important ideas and happenings along with the fleeting and nonsensical) and feel like commenting on, and I really don't want to be the guy with multiple blogs. I'd much rather keep it simple. I'm sure there's more that could be said but those are the main points.

So there it is, I'm back. Hope to have a real post within a few days. Not sure how many people will actually be reading this, but if there's something you would like to see me post about or a question you'd have me answer just reply or message me. Glad to be back.